Mailing Address:

1218 Prairie Road
Colorado Springs, CO, 80909



What to Expect

When are your worship services?

Sundays: 10:00 AM Worship Service & 11:45 AM Catechism Service

Where are your worship services?

We meet at SpringsLife Church (1218 Prairie Rd.) Click here for directions.

What should I do with my kids?

We have some very specific goals for the education of our children. Instead of growing up in the church "assuming" they know the gospel, we want to be intentional in instructing them in the faith. We refuse to entertain them! (Elitch Gardens/Six Flags does a much better job). We want them to know what the Bible says, what it teaches and what that means for living before the face of God. Nursery is provided for children up to 3 years old. After 3, our children are welcomed into worship with us.

What should I wear?

We hope you'll wear whatever makes you comfortable. You'll find plenty of people dressed casually (jeans, polo shirts) and others dressed a little snazzier (slacks, dresses, skirts). Just come as you are.

What is a Worship Service like?

The liturgy of Covenant URC's worship service is traditional in nature and patterned after that of John Calvin’s 16th Century worship service in Geneva, Switzerland. We sing songs from the Hymnal and do not have a loud rock'n roll praise band. 

Elements of the worship service, such as the recitation of the Apostle’s Creed and the Lord’s prayer have been part of worship services in Protestant churches for centuries and only in recent years have been excluded. We have brought them back into our worship for very good reasons. Those reasons follow in this explanation of the various parts of our liturgy.

Click here to learn more about the liturgy of our Worship Service. 

What is the Catechism Service like?

We live in an anti-intellectual day that is more interested in how we feel than what we think. Increasingly, it is being noticed that the American church is an ignorant church, almost completely uninformed of the great doctrines of the faith. Many Christians have bled and died for the faith “once delivered to the saints;” the very faith that many of us are unaware. The Catechism Service is a serious attempt to reclaim the content of the faith in a systematic and orderly manner. Each Lord’s Day (Sunday), the instruction is focused on one of the foundational truths of our salvation in Christ, found in The Heidelberg Catechism, The Belgic Confession and Cannons of Dort. One of the questions is, “What is true faith?” Do you know the answer?

The liturgy of the Catechism service is very similar to the Worship service.

When is Communion celebrated?

Communion is celebrated every Sunday, during the 10:00 AM Worship service. 

"The Lord's Supper is a confirmation of our faith, a most sure proof of our union and communion with Christ, who feeds us with his body and blood unto everlasting life, as truly as we receive these signs from the hands of the minister." - Zacharias Ursinus